A summary of chapter one of alices adventures in wonderland by lewis carroll

On a glass table, though, she finds a tiny golden key, and this key opens a small, curtained door; but the entrance-way is small, rat-sized, in fact, and Alice cannot fit even her head through the doorway. One of the first things that the narrator says about Alice after her arrival in the antechamber to Wonderland is that "this curious child was very fond of pretending to be two people.

The frightening possibility of being trapped in a dream occurs to her. He is able to appear and disappear at will, and after exercising his talents, he advises Alice to go to a tea party given by the Mad Hatter. There, Alice has to deal with the strangest people she has ever seen—a March Hare, a Mad Hatter, and a sleepy Dormouse.

Unhurt, Alice gets up and catches sight of the White Rabbit as he vanishes around a corner. Alice opens the door and finds herself in the chaotic house of the Duchess. Everyone is sneezing except the cook and a Cheshire cat, which sits on the hearth grinning.

Alice follows him simply because she is very curious about him. After introducing us to one of the creatures in Wonderland, the Gryphon, for instance, the narrator tells us, "If you don't know what a Gryphon is, look at the picture.

But even they seem to be confused because no matter how much she recites their rules, nothing helps. His antics inspire Alice to follow him down the hole and into Wonderland, but he constantly stays one step ahead of her.

Somehow, he thinks that Alice is his servant, and Alice, instead of objecting to his confusion, passively accepts her new role, just as she would obey an adult ordering her about above-ground. After drinking the potion, Alice shrinks and cannot reach the key on the table.

Splashing along, she encounters a mouse who stumbled into the pool. This wish becomes possible when she finds a shrinking potion and a key to the door. At this point, it is important that you notice a key aspect of Wonderland; here, all these creatures treat Alice and her reactions as though she is insane — and as though they are sane!

But then Wonderland would not be so amusing to us except in terms of its sheer, unabated madness. Thus, in Chapter I, Carroll prepares us for Alice's first major confrontation with absolute chaos.

One of the central concerns of Alice is the subject of growing up — the anxieties and the mysteries of personal identity as one matures. Then Alice eats a cake that she finds, and her neck shoots up until it resembles a giraffe's.

The Queen manically rules over everybody and regularly orders for playing cards who disappoint or annoy her in any way to be executed — she has already sentenced the Duchess to a beheading.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

She manages to eat a little cake and shrink herself again. The White Rabbit wears a waistcoat, walks upright, speaks English, and is worrying over the time on his pocket watch. Also, nobody takes turns, so the pitch is suddenly a mess with animals and playing cards.

The Rabbit pulls a watch out of his waistcoat pocket and runs across the field and down a hole. He shows her how to change size by eating the mushroom and thereby to adapt to her environment when needed.

However, he is not merely a rabbit; he will be the "White Rabbit," a major character in the novel. The Caterpillar who is not very friendly, is helpful by advising her to eat from the mushroom if she wants to change her size.

In Wonderland, there are obviously no conventional rules of etiquette. She realizes that she has been holding the White Rabbit's lost white gloves and fan — therefore, it must be the magic of the fan that is causing her to shrink to almost nothingness.

This is humorous and ridiculous because such measurements — if one stops to think about it — are meaningless words to a seven-year-old girl, and they are certainly meaningless measurements of anything underground.

What she discovers in her dream, though, is a more meaningful and terrifying world than most conscious acts of intelligence would ever lead her to. Next, she eats a piece of cake she finds nearby, and soon she begins to grow to such an enormous size that she can only squint through the door.

The chapter ends with Alice at last entering the garden by eating more of the mushroom that the Caterpillar was sitting on.

Rushing to the courtroom where a trial by jury is already in session, Alice is called upon to act as a witness before the King and Queen of Hearts, but the excited child upsets the jury box and spills out all of its occupants.

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Strangely enough, there is no indication that she is truly disoriented; everything seems true to sense in spite of the absence of acceleration and gravity. And very soon she finds herself falling down a deep tunnel.Summary. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland begins as a pleasant fairy tale.

Alice and her sister are reading a book that has neither pictures nor conversations. Alice finds the reading tedious; she is anxious for more vivid and direct forms of experience. A summary of Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit Hole in Lewis Carroll's Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

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This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. While lounging along a river with her sister one afternoon, Alice sees and chases a white rabbit, following it down a rabbit hole until she falls into an inexplicable hall with locked doors of all sorts of sizes.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland B elow are all chapters from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” Poem: “All in the golden afternoon”.

Alice in Wonderland study guide contains a biography of Lewis Carroll, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a.

Complete summary of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

A summary of chapter one of alices adventures in wonderland by lewis carroll
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